Reboot Camp: Training Tricks from Two Vi-Model Finalists

Sara Moylan_12Is your workout routine in a rut? Change up your gym game with training tricks from two Vi Model Finalists.

Vi Model Finalist Sara Moylan is a pro fitness competitor and a ViSalus™ Presidential Director in Jenison, MI. Her advice is to change your playlist, change your workout routine completely, and pick a new 90-Day Challenge goal. “90 days is a great gauge for taking new turns in your fitness endeavors,” she says. “You have to constantly change it up or your body will quit responding.”

Tyler HTyler Howard, a ViSalus 2-Star Ambassador from Atlanta, GA says that small tweaks can yield big results—all you need is a little creativity. “Trade out weight machines for TRX to maximize your strength-training workout,” advises Tyler. “Adding some TRX suspension will engage multiple muscles vs. isolating only one body part on weight machines.” He also recommends trading standard ab exercises for kickboxing. “Instead of doing planks on a mat, engage your core and burn calories with kickboxing. It’s great for the six-pack!”