10 Tips to Lose the First 10 Pounds

fruits and tape

1.       Wake Up Right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those who skip breakfast tend to snack more and overindulge later on. The Vi-Shape shake is a fantastic source of 23 vitamins and minerals your body needs.

2.       More ZZZ’s could mean fewer LB’s

glass of waterResearch shows that people who get an insufficient amount of sleep tend to eat more and crave carbs and high-calorie foods.

3.       Drink 8 glasses of water per day

74% of people are dehydrated which can slow metabolism, keeping the pounds on. Plus, 37% of people can confuse thirst for hunger.

4.       Eat clean

Outside of you Vi-Shape shake, eat clean food. Steer clear from fast food or anything processed, only choosing foods that are whole, healthy and fresh.

5.       Put 10% less food on your lunch and dinner plate

Little tricks like simply using a smaller plate can help you keep portions under control, and help you lose weight.

Legs of a young man running6.       Exercise 10 more minutes per day

Extending your daily exercise routine by just 10 minutes can help you get through a weight loss plateau and increase your body’s natural fat burning ability.

7.       Use web and mobile apps for support

Studies show that people who use an app to support their weight loss can lose an average of over 10 pounds and keep off the weight for over a year. Challenge.com has all the resources you need to track your daily progress on your road to success.

8.       Don’t do it alone

Studies show if you enroll in a weight-loss (health & fitness) program with three friends or colleagues you already know, the odds of maintaining your weight loss 10 months later goes up to 66%… versus 24% if you enroll in a program alone. That’s why ViSalus rewards people who take The Challenge with others with the 3 for FREE program.

vi pak9.       Take your vitamins

Supplement your diet with quality vitamins like the ViSalus Vi-pak or vitamin-rich products like Nutra-Cookie.

10.   Don’t forget fiber

Since fiber increases feelings of fullness or satiety, adding 10 grams of fiber a week can decrease overall calorie intake and help you lose weight.

Source: The Challenge Magazine: Volume 2- Issue 1